Modern Slavery Statement

At CBD Oil Ltd, we are committed to combating modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. This statement outlines our efforts to prevent such practices within our operations and supply chains during the financial year [Insert Year].

Our Business

CBD Oil Ltd operates as a provider of CBD products, information, and community engagement within the wellness industry. We recognize our responsibility to uphold ethical practices and respect human rights across all aspects of our operations.

Policy on Modern Slavery


We strongly condemn modern slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking. Our commitment is to take proactive measures to prevent these practices and promote ethical conduct.


We comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and other relevant legislation aimed at eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking.

Actions Taken

Supply Chain

We conduct due diligence to ensure that our suppliers and partners share our commitment to ethical business practices. This includes the evaluation of suppliers’ policies and practices to mitigate the risk of modern slavery.

Policies and Training

We have implemented policies and procedures to raise awareness among our employees and partners about the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking. Training is provided to relevant staff to recognize and respond to any potential concerns.

Risk Assessment

We regularly assess the risk of modern slavery within our supply chains and take corrective actions where necessary.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously review and enhance our policies, procedures, and supplier relationships to further mitigate the risk of modern slavery.

Future Steps


We aim to collaborate with industry peers, stakeholders, and experts to share best practices and strengthen our efforts in combating modern slavery.


We will continue to improve transparency within our supply chains, fostering open communication and encouraging suppliers to adopt similar ethical standards.



This statement reflects our commitment to combatting modern slavery and will be reviewed annually. It is approved by the management of CBD Oil Ltd.

Reporting Mechanism

We encourage anyone within or outside the organization to report any concerns or suspicions regarding modern slavery or human trafficking to [Insert Contact Information or Reporting Channel].

Contact Us

For any inquiries regarding this Modern Slavery Statement, please contact us at [Insert Contact Email].

This statement represents CBD Oil Ltd’s commitment to ethical practices and human rights, demonstrating our dedication to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms.

Warm Regards, The CBD Oil Ltd Team